Although she’s asking for our vote this fall, Ceil Levatino has shown time after time that she’s completely out of touch with our values.

Ceil Levatino: Out of step on public safety

Despite pleas from both the Las Cruces Mayor and Fire Chief, Levatino was the only city council vote against asking big new developments to pay their fair share to support local police officers and firefighters.

Among other uses, the funding is slated to finance new fire stations and new police stations.

Ceil Levatino: Out of step on education

New Mexico ranks forty-ninth in the nation for a child’s well-being, but Levatino will side with the Republican leadership who impose excessive testing on our children, underfund our schools, and do nothing to make higher education more affordable — just so they can keep cutting taxes for the wealthy and big corporations.


District 37




A recent study found that preparation for testing takes up to 10 days away from learning in a school year. [Source: Legislative Finance Committee Report #16-04]

Ceil Levatino: Out of step on women’s health

Levatino calls herself “profoundly pro-life” and opposes allowing women opposes allowing women to make their own decisions about abortion. And, Levatino founded an organization that promotes inaccurate information about women’s health, like falsely stating that women who have an abortion have a greater risk of breast cancer.

District 37

Levatino will be just another vote for allowing politicians to interfere with women’s personal health care decisions.


Fact Check

KRWG reported on Levatino’s opposition to additional public safety funding on 5/16/16. The web site of the group Levatino founded to encourage politicians to get involved in a woman’s personal medical decisions about her pregnancy includes a wide range of false information.