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Although Gregory Baca wants us to believe that he has the integrity and responsibility we expect in our elected officials, a closer look at his record of lawbreaking and arrest tells a very different story.

Charged with Fighting in Public

Gregory Baca was criminally charged with fighting in public by the Albuquerque Police Department.

Drunk Driving

District 29

Baca’s Booking Headshot

When Gregory Baca was arrested for drunken driving, he refused to take a breathalyzer test.

After reading the arresting officer’s words, it’s easy to see why: “I stopped the defendant (Gregory Baca) and he was found by me to be intoxicated. The defendant smelled heavily of alcohol had blood shot and watery eyes, slurred speech, failed field tests and refused breath tests.”

Sued for Not Paying his Bills

Although he wants us to entrust him with our hard-earned tax dollars, Gregory Baca has shown that’s he’s extremely irresponsible with his own money. A local small business owner was even forced to sue Baca after he didn’t pay his bills.

And this guy wants to represent us in the legislature?

What do we really know about Baca’s past?

Fact Check:

Gregory Baca’s trail of lawbreaking and arrest is documented in a number of court filings including Bernalillo County Court Cases CR649694; DW-2003001413; and CV200406238.