An emphasis on excessive testing over teaching. Soaring costs for higher education.

After years of the failed Republican Education Plan, it’s clear that our schools — and our kids — deserve a different approach. But try telling that to Eric Burton. Instead of strengthening our schools, he’ll be just another vote for the plan that’s already done so much harm to our schools.

Eric Burton’s plan includes private school vouchers, which will drain millions in funding from public schools

At a time when our schools are struggling under the weight of inadequate funding, Eric Burton favors school vouchers that will drain millions of tax dollars from local public schools and send them to private schools instead.

Eric Burton will be another vote for excessive testing over teaching

Instead of investing in higher standards and quality learning in the classroom, Burton would join the same Santa Fe politicians that have pushed the failed regime of excessive testing over teaching.


District 15


Eric Burton will join the Santa Fe Republicans who’ve pushed the failed excessive testing plan, where New Mexico spends at least $11.4 million on testing in our public schools. [Source: Albuquerque Journal, March 1, 2015]

Fact Check:

On his web site, Eric Burton calls for relaxing protections against vouchers draining vital funding from our schools. Burton’s Republican supporters have consistently supported the failed excessive testing regime in New Mexico’s schools.