Out of Touch

Diego Espinoza, District 9

Diego Espinoza wants us to believe that he shares our priorities and values the same things that we do. Sounds great, but when you get beyond the rhetoric and look at Diego Espinoza’s actual record, the facts tell a very different story.

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Deporting Children Women’s Healthcare Fracking 

Out of Touch

Eric Burton, District 15

After years of the failed Republican Education Plan, it’s clear that our schools — and our kids — deserve a different approach. But try telling that to Eric Burton. Instead of strengthening our schools, he’ll be just another vote for the plan that’s already done so much harm to our schools.

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Public Education Excessive School Testing 

Out of Touch

Gregory Baca, District 29

Although Gregory Baca wants us to believe he has the integrity and responsibility we expect in our elected officials, a closer look at his record of lawbreaking and arrest tells a very different story.

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Fighting in Public Drunk Driving Sued for Not Paying his Bills

Out of Touch

Lee Cotter, District 36

It’s clear we can’t trust Lee Cotter to make the right decisions where public safety is concerned. Cotter opposes criminal background checks for all gun sales — making it easy for felons, domestic abusers and the dangerously mentally ill to purchase guns anonymously and with no questions asked.

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Public Safety Clean Air and Water Predatory Lending

Out of Touch

Ceil Levatino, District 37

Although she’s asking for our vote this fall, Ceil Levatino has shown time after time that she’s completely out of touch with our values.

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Public Safety Education Women’s Health

Out of Touch

Ted Barela, District 39

Ted Barela wants us to place our trust in him and send him to Santa Fe to represent us. But the last time voters trusted Ted Barela to represent them, things didn’t turn out so well.

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Irresponsible Leadership Financial Mismanagement Employee Discontent